What do you need to know about Benchtop Fume Hood?

As time changes, science has made a lot of things which were not available in the traditional period. This is due to the sincere hard work of people like scientists and researchers who devote their time to develop innovative things. The place where a person is working on their experiments is known as spaces. The specific area where such spaces exit is known as the cleanroom. Cleanroom place entries are restricted because there are a lot of dangerous and adventurous acts are performed. Special dresses are designed for persons who do experiments at such places. There are various equipments that keep the cleanroom safe so that experiments are done without any risk. A benchtop fume hood  lab equipment is equipped in such spaces that keep the places dust free and fume are realized from such spaces to the outside environment with the help of benchtop fume hood.

Benchtop fume hood                                                                                                  

A benchtop fume hood is an important equipment of the cleanroom. It helps to remit the harmful gases, fume, and dust into the air. Its body has covered by glass which holds fume inside. It has ventilation which remits the gas out of the cleanroom and provides safety to persons from suffocation. It takes all fumes and keeps the inside air of the cleanroom clean and provide a better working condition. The size, shape, design, and color of benchtop fume hood vary and depend upon the requirement of the spaces of the cleanroom. A benchtop fume hood is made from different materials which increases the strength and capacity of the benchtop fume hood.

Features of benchtop fume hoods

There are various features provided by well develop benchtop fume hood. Following are some features:-

  • Ventilation

Harmful gases produced during the experiment are ventilated by it and prevent the room from a dangerous accident.

  • Quality of the material

The quality of these benchood fume hoods is utmost and they are the best for usage. The construction of the benchtop fume hood is very effective because it is made from the best-quilted material to expose the gases in a safe way. The quality of the material is so fine that the gases don’t affect it.

  • Conduits

It has a channel or tube trough, which fumes, gases, or dust is removed from storage spaces.

  • Safe environment

The Benchtop fume hood keeps the environment safe and clean. If it is not equipped in the cleanroom then it affects the whole individual inside the cleanroom or outside the cleanroom.

  • Continue experiment

If a benchtop fume hood isn’t available than air, gases, and fume restrict or interrupt the experiments which take a longer time than normal. Also, it consumes more time and cost which is dangerous to the whole society.

Factors to be considered while buying a benchtop fume hood

The following are some key factors that you have to keep in mind while investing in a benchtop fume hood. These are discussed below:-

  • Cost of purchasing: cost is the most important element. Nowadays it becomes important sources for big research institutes and they invest even cost is more but for small concern, if filtration is effective then no need to invest a huge amount in a benchtop fume hood .
  • Space availability: the size of the fume hoods is different. While investing in fume hoods you have to check your cleanroom space. If space is less few fume hoods are equipped so that it may take less space and fitted easily along with other equipment.
  • The requirement of repair and filtration: fume hoods available nowadays require less repair and filtration as compare to traditional conduits style fume hoods. If benchtop fume hood requires fewer repairs then the cost of operating it is cheaper and there is no better choice to invest in such fume hoods.
  • Selection of various types of filters: there are various types of filters available in the market. The most common or popular filters are as follows:
  1. Organic carbon filters
  2. Mixed bed carbons filters
  3. Acid-sulfur carbon filters etc.
  • Environment friendly: traditional fume hoods remit unfiltered gases into the air which pollute the air by decreasing the quality of air but modern fume hoods release toxic gases by filtering them which keep the environment safe and eco-friendly.


What do we find at the end?


Poisonous gases are released by the benchtop fume hoods out of the cleanroom. It makes sure that a better atmosphere will be provided to all people for breathing without any fear of getting in touch with any sort of either hazardous fume or gas.



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