Types of Customized Cushions


The types of customized cushions and the people who wear them are quite diverse. Depending on the person, the “look” they’re going for can change quite a bit. From basic women’s corsets to those worn by a little boy or girl, the level of customization can also vary greatly.

Those looking for a specific look and not necessarily a corset with some extra features can get them in either type of corset. For those with a little more budget, there are those customized cushions by experienced people that have the look of corsets that can be purchased at department stores.

Variety of unique features

If you’re looking for a corset that you can wear underclothes, the array will be much higher than just plain corsets. Many different corsets are available online that include all kinds of unique features. Many of these are considered an “L” shape to give a bit more shape to the torso. This way, you can get a beautiful hourglass shape while still being able to wear anything.

Some are made for specific areas of the body, such as the back, hips, and butt. These are often called rear projection corsets. The top corset of the two is a hip or bust corset that is put on after the person has put on their regular underwear. The difference between the two is how it’s worn. A back-projection corset is usually left hanging down and done up right before the person gets out of the bed. This type of corset will help to shape the individual and make them appear slimmer.

Different types of custom corsets

The term “customized” may be misleading, but we like to get the information straight from the horse’s mouth. And those who’ve done custom work know that there are several different types of custom corsets available at Abu Dhabi Upholstery.

Number of designs and colors

Custom pillows are another type of custom-made corset. You can get them in several designs and colors, and you can also choose to have the style tailor-made for you.

Optional leg openings

Custom pillows have been shown to help support your stomach when wearing a standard corset. The design you choose will also determine how much you weigh because the pad helps to hold your stomach in or out as you change your corset size. Besides, many pillows include optional leg openings.

Flexible standard corsets

Custom pillows are great because they are so flexible. You can use them under any corset or bustier, including standard Corsets, all of which feature straps and buckles.

Tote pillows

Custom pillows may also be referred to as “tote pillows.” They are available in a variety of sizes and may be customized with designs that you prefer.

Plush pillow

A plush pillow also provides many benefits that are similar to that of a standard pillow. They are firm and comfortable and are very comfortable when sleeping on.


Memory foam pillow 

A memory foam pillow also has similar benefits as the plush pillows. It can be filled with memory foam, or other fillers, which will help it conform to your body as you wear it.

Microfiber cushioned corset

Another type of custom-made corset is a microfiber cushioned corset. This a good option for sensitive skin.

It is helpful to cushion your stomach to provide support to the small muscles, which makes it easier to push up into your upper back area. Microfiber cushions are also more breathable than standard materials, making them the right choice if you often sweat and need more air circulation.

Mini breast pillow

A mini pillow, also known as a “mini breast pillow,” is available in various shapes and sizes. These pouches can be filled with fillers, or they can be made from artificial materials.

For instance, you may find a “mini breast pillow” that is filled with foam. Others are filled with polyester, which is a synthetic fiber.


There are many advantages to using a mini pillow instead of a standard corset that is designed to hold your body in. However, you may find that a regular pillow will work just as well, if not better, and you may want to look into custom-made “proper” corsets to help support your body.



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