Top traditional Singapore dishes that you must try on your Singapore trip

Top traditional Singapore dishes that you must try on your Singapore trip
Travellers from all over the world, boast about the diversity of the local Singaporean cuisine. The best for tourists to experience the culture and heritage of this city is by strolling through some of the best food markets you’ll find. The culture and vibe of the place definitely shout out diverse and yet adventurous at the same time.
Are you dying to know about the top traditional Singapore dishes that you must try on your Singapore trip? Fret not! We’ve given you a detailed description of all the must-tries when in Singapore.


Tourists are in for one amazing delight as they savour through the delicious delicacy of the city. Imagine a spicy peanut sauce that serves as a com[pliment for you to dip in your crispy satay sticks that’s rich in seasoned meat. The locals are a big fan of this delicacy and the street food experience is the quintessential experience you’ve been longing all along. The demand for the satay became so large, that today there are a wide array of open-air food centres that have been solely dedicated just to this dish. These are commonly known as ‘Satay Clubs,’ and are situated alongside a number of hawker centres and restaurants.

Nasi Lemak

The ‘Nasi Lemak,’ has become a staple in the Singaporean households from time immemorial. It’s most definitely a local favourite and can be eaten by the locals at any given time of the day. The dish is made from coconut rice and served alongside some cucumber slices, spicy chilli sambal and some delicious chicken / fried eggs. Tourists are sure to love this mouth-watering delicacy of the region.

Kaya Toast

The ‘Kaya Toast,’ is one of the authentic breakfast dishes that has remained popular amongst the Singaporean folks. This dish is made from a Southeast Asian version ‘Dulce de Leche,’ and is accompanied with some jam, eggs, coconuts and more. The locals enjoy the Kaya toast with some boiled eggs and some great coffee to top the breakfast experience.
Nonya Kueh
The Peranakan culture that Singapore is rich for, consists of a plethora of recipes that date back all the way to the Malacca origins. These are both savoury and sweet recipes of all kinds. All the recipes are traditional in nature and have been preserved and passed on from generation to generation through the years. Tourists can get their hands on some ang ku kueh, kueh salat, kueh bingka – at some of the niche and distinct stores in the region. These are a must-try favourite amongst the locals and the tourists as well. So if you’re a first time visitor, definitely give the Nonya Kueh a shot.


The amber-hued gravy, with its bright colour and seemingly spicy nature, might take you back at the first glance. But to most tourists’ surprise, this extremely popular dish is far from spicy and is one of the most delicious dishes you’ll taste in Singapore. You will also find some long strings of rice vermicelli noodles right in the bottom amongst all of the non-vegetarian elements in your bowl. If you love prawns, shrimps or maybe even some fish cake, you’ve got it all in your bowl. There are a wide array of variations to this traditional dish, that has been perfected over time. Most of the local hawkers offer some of the best of these ranges, so it makes the most sense for you to head towards these regions and enjoy a great bowl of laksa.
If you’re looking to go all out traditional, the ‘Pau,’ has got to be on your foodie’s list. These are some authentic steamed buns that tourists are sure to find all throughout the city. There are multiple variations of these buns that have been invented over time. Some of them being – Kong Bak Pau, Tau Sar Pau, Liu Sha Bao and so much more, the list just goes on! Thee Paus is soft on the outside and has some delicious filling on the inside, entirely based on the kind of filling you may like. The locals recommend the Paus taste the best on say a rainy/gloomy day, with the warmth of the steamed bun and the spicy filling, it truly is a match made in heaven.

Pisang Goreng

referred to as the ‘Pisang Goreng,’ and remains a delicacy that’s sure to lift your spirit on any dull day. The small little pieces of ripe banana are dipped into a batter and then deep-fried all the way through. The hint of the right amount of sweetness along with the cheese and chocolate sauce makes the dish a must-try while on your trip.

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