Safety Tips That Every Parent Must Tell Their Children

Being a parent, what would you want for your children at first? It would be certainly safety. You try enough to give a safe environment for your children at home and outside. The world has become equally pretty and dangerous for children. You have to aware your child about all possible harms either from a person or from an object.

Centre for Disease Control states that 1 in every 6 boys and 1 in every 4 girls experience sexual abuse (minor or major) before the age of 18/. Department of Justice states that 90% of the abusers already know children and only 10% are strangers. So it shows that children have more dangers from the neighborhood.

Parents must ensure to take all steps to give their children a safe environment. The safety measurement includes teaching about personal protection like not playing with strangers or wearing safety glasses while playing outside. It also covers the teaching of all safety tips against facing any possible human or natural assault.

Here are some of the basic safety tips for children that every parent must tell them. Every child must be aware of these facts before they start schooling.

Be Healthy, Be Safe

Children cannot protect themselves if they are not healthy. So you can say that health is the first step in every child’s safer life. Junk food is popular among kids these days. Teach them about the harms of eating unhealthy food. Show them how healthy food helps them in real life.

Being a parent, ensure that your children get enough fruit, vegetables, clean water, milk, cereals grains, and nuts, etc. It will make them physically and mentally fit. This stability will help them learn new things fast.


Friends of only your age

Teach your children that don’t say hi to older people. Only make friends of their age. It will not only protect them, but they will show their best competitive skills in a friendly environment. Teach them to say no to older people of all ages.

Tell Your Parents Everything

Make them learn that their parents are the best friends and persons to tell everything. For this purpose, parents have to spend enough time with their children. Ask them how they spent their time at school and outside. Ask new and unheard questions. Then, tell them the answers and reasons behind it. Make it a habit of your child to tell you everything.


Differentiate between Safe and Unsafe touching

Sexual abuse and harassment is a reality. Prepare your children to fight against it. Teach them about inappropriate touchings. Tell them that they should report their teachers/ parents if someone touches them inappropriately. Show them practically by doing a mock scene at home. Also, show them what should be their response in case of such a situation. As a result, children should be able to spot such behavior immediately.

Secrets are not good

Teach them if someone at school or outside or from the family asks them to keep a secret, inform the mom or dad immediately. In case of domestic sexual abuse, offenders ask children to remain silent and keep it as a secret from the parents. As a result, children hide things from their parents and remain fearful. It is one of the major personality destructors. So no more secrets for every child!

Know every body part

Children must aware of body parts. Parents should teach everybody part name and make them memorized. Then ask the name of each body part to validate. Children must know the basic function of every part. It will help them to understand their physical and mental health.

Use personal protection equipment

PPE is not for adults only, children need them also. They need to wear protective devices while playing, traveling, or going outside. They can be hit by any external object and harm them badly. Body injury is common in children. As per reports of the National Safety Council, 11,000 children experience eye injuries every year and the number is increasing. So they must use eyewear protection to prevent any possible eye harm. Parents can buy authentic eyewear protection online from providers like Pyrex, DeWalt, Oakley, and 3M Safety Glasses, etc. But before you buy any safety glass, it’s better to get the recommendation of a licensed optician.

Know well what are private parts

Don’t feel hesitant to tell your children about their private parts. Teach with details about their private parts. Make them learn how to hide private parts properly. Learn them there is nothing to be shameful about it. After that, take a validation test of your child about it.

Wherever you are living, it’s your responsibility to make your children stronger and safer. You can achieve this goal only by teaching them about personal safety. These safety tips will eventually strengthen their personality.


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