There are times when you are just thinking about the business party etiquettes, now when you are at your workplace you are thinking about how to process it, some are no comfortable celebrating the birthdays because they think that it is just purely business and one should be formal but you can always Send Flowers to Patna or any city where they work at because the flowers are the acceptable gesture.

Now birthdays are important occasions and one should celebrate them enthusiastically as well. there are times when you feel like you should not but the birthdays are just there to remind you that you should live your life to the fullest and be grateful for the year. You can always go for your celebrations in the office as well but there is a protocol to be followed after all.

The formal situations can be a little tricky so here are the steps you can follow to tackle the whole situation and celebrate a colleague’s birthday:



Remember that you just have to keep everything brief and crisp so rather than asking everyone to go for a card just buy one card from the entire team and present it to them. Remember the message in the card should also be professional, make sure to not include any losses in the message.



Now you don’t know everyone in the office and you cannot force people to celebrate someone’s birthday with you so make sure that you are keeping it all formal and the celebration just stays in your department as this can get a little frustrating for other employees as well because the office is for working and keep the noise a little on the lower side you would not want to disturb your boss.



Now, some of the office employees might be out for the office work, maybe they are closing a deal with another company or maybe they are doing some work for the office outside and if they say “no” due to this reason then this is something you should not force your colleagues about as they are working somewhere and if they don’t feel like celebrating then it is their choice so you should never pressurize anyone into the celebration.



The celebration has an impact of itself as well and you should try to keep it brief. You would not want to celebrate every day once a month is tolerable but the every day or once a week might not be tolerable for the other employees and the members of the department remember to keep it brief.



You cannot force people to contribute funds but if you have to collect the funds for the gift for your boss or your colleague make sure that you are making it all anonymous and that gift will be from the entire department. You should not be asking everyone to contribute, if they want to contribute then they will.



If many workers have their birthdays in the same month then you can go for the celebration at the end of the month as the company cannot allow the celebrations of many birthdays together so it is better that you opt for this as you will not be hurting the spirit of spirit de corps and celebrating an employee’s birthday and leaving other will again be rude.



Here a few points that you can consider while celebrating the birthday:


  • You should always ask the person before celebrating his or her birthday as there are people who don’t prefer to celebrate birthdays.
  • It is also said that birthdays lay a special emphasis on age and it might be considered rude of you to point that out again and again.
  • Before ordering a cake just ask your colleague about it, there might be chances of them not being into it.
  • You don’t have to go for the celebration you can also give them a holiday on their birthday if they don’t like to celebrate their birthday.
  • if you are looking for flowers then make sure that the flowers don’t symbolize romance as this will again be inappropriate for the workplace. You can always ask the best Florist in Chandigarh about it.
  • Make sure that you are not posting that on their birthday on the company’s official page as this might not make them feel comfortable.

These are a few things that you should always keep in mind before going for the birthday celebration in the office, you can always opt for bloomsvilla for flowers and cakes as they are just on time and will also let you have the option of midnight and same-day delivery. All you have to do is just place the order.


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