Job Search Habits You Need to Drop Right Away

When was the last time you updated your resume? If you happen to be someone who keeps adding to the list of achievements on the old resume without making any amendments, THIS blog post is for you. Having learned from my mistakes, I would love to warn you about the common mistakes that we commit when it comes to searching for jobs.

The most outdated ones include:

Following Up

My sister asked me to order Optimum Internet package for our home use. I must say, I am a little impatient. I kept on checking the order progress even though the company gave us a timeline. Guess where such behavior won’t be entertained? The company where you applied for a job. Oldies might tell you otherwise. But believe me when I say following up on your application is annoying.

I listened to the old advice passed on to me by someone and checked the status of my application every other day. Apparently, I did not come across as someone who is taking an initiative. The opposite held true. They thought of me as someone who was not considerate about the hiring manager’s time. You would not want that to be your first impression at a place where you wish to work.

Offering Unsolicited Reference

According to the old practice, one used to add the reference information printed at the bottom of the resume. Well, it is a big NO-NO today. You should not provide any references or information related to them unless you have the first meeting with the employer. That meeting might be an interview call or just a series of interviews before the final one. If interested, the employers will ask you for the reference(s) themselves.

Companies or hiring managers who have a good handle on hiring practices will wait until later to ask this information from you. Although there is no harm in providing the references in the early stages of the hiring process, there is a little drawback. Your provider might take the possible referees as their potential candidates. In this scenario, if the name that pops up in your mind at later stages is different from what you mentioned on your resume, it can get a bit awkward.

Not Tidying Up Your Online Presence

The chances that your employers might ‘Google’ you are high. But before they do, you need to Google yourself. Because many times you will come across some embarrassing photos of yourself. You would definitely not want your employers to find them. It would be good to delete them before the company’s hiring managers come across them.

Also, keep a check on your privacy settings on various social media platforms. These include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. These platforms are for you to share experiences with your friends and not your employers. And the only time that you should make these accounts ‘public’ is when you aspire to be a blogger or vlogger. At all other times, these accounts should remain private.

You may not realize, but such photos can affect the hiring managers’ decision. So, tidy up your presence.

Inclusion of Objective on Your Resume

Who does that in today’s world? No hiring manager is looking forward to reading your career goals. All they are interested in is your qualifications and skill set. According to the recent studies, objectives are nothing but a summary of what is already mentioned in your resume. And no one has enough time on their hands to re-read things on a resume. Therefore, save your and employers’ time by omitting the objective from your resume.

Dropping Resume In-Person

It is a digital era. From students’ homework to the candidates’ resumes, the concerned people like to receive everything digitally. Your parents might advise you to drop off your resume in-person saying that this will improve your chances of getting hired. However, this does not hold true today. A majority of the companies mention ways to submit your resume. Any way that you adopt other than the mentioned ones, your efforts will go down the drain. Always follow the instructions provided by the employer.

Speaking of these ‘DON’Ts’ reminded me of the time when I was looking for Optimum bundle offers. I called the customer service rep to inquire about their bundles. They asked me to visit the website to access all the information. I found that rude at the moment but it was kind of true. There was no need to make a call, all the information as right in front of me. I just had to read. As they say, precaution is better than cure. Similarly, it is better to follow the rules rather than regretting later.





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