How to Choose the Best Food Processor Online? – Food Processor Buying Guide

Food Processor is all in one Kitchen Appliances which allows you to do every work of the kitchen. It comes up with different attachments that make your work so easy.

People who are confusing which Food Processor is best and which one I should buy online then this guide will clear all your doubts. Because here we are going to explain the Best Food Processor Buying Guide. After reading the buying guide you will be able to choose the best one for your kitchen.

How to Choose the Best Food Processor Online?

Buying the Best Food Processor can be a difficult task. Because every brand is putting something special and advance in a low price range. So we have to distinguish the brands and products before making the final order.

You can choose the best Food Processor based on specifications. Look at the specification & features before making online orders such as Brand Name, Power, Warranty, Attachments, Capacity, Durability, Safety, and Price Range.

Brand: Once an entrepreneur said, People Buy Brands Not the Product. So you have to look at the brand which food processor you are going to buy. Brands should be well-known in the market and have a satisfied customer base. Look at the brand reviews on different review & rating websites as well.

Power: The higher the food process will have power the fast it will work. So power defines its performance and operation time. That’s why it’s the second most important thing which you have to look at after the brand name. Power means Wattage and Energy requirement.

Warranty: Almost Every Food Processor brand provides the warranty on the product. So look at the terms and conditions carefully before making the final payment. You should buy the food processor which has at least 2 years of warranty.

Attachments: Food Processor comes up with different attachments such as grating discs, dough tool, knife blade, citrus press, whisk tool, etc. All these attachments allow you to complete the different kitchen tasks with just one appliance. So must have a look at the available attachment of that particular food processor that you are going to order online.

Capacity: After looking at the attachment have a look at the capacity of the Food Processor. Every food processor has its capacity in which we can make a different type of delicious food.

Durability: Look at the food processor material and check out the durability. The food processor should have high and premium quality material because we are not going to buy the food processor on month-wise. We just purchase the food processor to use it for long years.

Safety: Safety is the number one priority. So check out the safety protections of the food processor which you select and going to buy. Read its manual and safety points carefully.

Price Range: Price is the most important thing when we talk about product purchasing. You have to look at least 5 to 10 food processor before making the final purchase decision. After having look at 5 to 10 products then you can make your decision which will save you money.

Top 10 Best Food Processor to Buy Online

After reading the buying guide you are thinking which are the best food processors that you can buy online? Then have a look at the Top 10 Best Food Processor which has the high & premium quality material and advance features.

Sr. No. Best Food Processor Warranty Power
1. Singer Foodista Food Processor 5 Years 1000 Watts
2. Bajaj Maverick Food Processor 5 Years 750 Watts
3. Kenwood FDM301SS Food Processor 2 Years 800 Watts
4. Inalsa INOX Food Processor 2 Years 1000 Watts
5. Morphy Richards Food Processor 2 Years 1000 Watts
6. Morphy Richards Food Processor 2 Years 1000 Watts
7. Bosch MCM3501M Food Processor 2 Years 800 Watts
8. Philips HL1661 Food Processor 2 Years 700 Watts
9. Rico All in One Food Processor 2 Years 700 Watts
10. Usha FP 3811 Food Processor 5 Years 1000 Watts


Best Food Processor (Top 3 Pic)

Below we are going to describe the top best food processor which we recommend you to buy online. All three are comes up with different attachments and tools which completes all kitchen work.

Bajaj Maverick Food Processor

  • It has 100% Copper High Performance Motor with 750 Watts power.
  • The food processor requires 220-240 Voltage and generates 18000 Revolution.
  • Comes up with Liquidizing jar, Dry grinding jar and Chutney jar.
  • All the Jars are made of Stainless Steel material.
  • Food Processor comes up with Coconut Scraper, Atta kneading and French fries, shredding, and chopping attachment.
  • Bajaj Brand is giving Warranty of 5 Years (Motor) and 2 Years (Product).


Kenwood FDM301SS Food Processor

  • It has 800 Watts Powerful Motor.
  • Comes up with 2 Speed Control + pulse function.
  • It has 21 Litres Processing Bowl and 12 Litres mixer.
  • Coms up with various attachments such as knife blade, citrus press, grating discs, dough tool, and whisk tool.
  • The food processor body is made of stainless steel metal material.
  • All the parts of the food processor are dishwasher safe.
  • Two years of warranty on food processor from Kenwood Brand.


Singer Foodista Food Processor

  • It has Stainless Steel Finish Design that looks elegant.
  • Comes up with 1000 Watts Powerful 3 Speed Motor.
  • It has 2.4 Litres Processing Bowl.
  • Food process has Extra Large Feeder Tube.
  • Comes up with 12 different Attachments and 12 different Functions for great food processing.
  • It has Full Size Stainless Steel discs for shedding and slicing.
  • Singer Brand is giving 12 months of warranty on food processor.



Food Processor is the ideal Home & Kitchen Appliances for those people who love to cook food and love to eat food. You can make different types of drinks and food without taking anyone’s help at home. If you like the details then don’t forget to share with your friends and colleagues. People who have any kind of query related to the Food Processor than ask in the comment section.

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