How Smartphone Is Affecting Your Health

You may be reading this blog on your smartphone, but you are not aware of the dangers that you carry in your palm while holding the cell phone.

Do you know how many active cell phone users are in the world? Its 5.16 billion and the number is increasing every day. Most of us use cell phones in a major portion of the day. Along with countless benefits, cell phones are also affecting badly our mental and physical health. They have also disturbed our social life.

Smartphone Addiction

Smartphone addiction is the result of excessive cell phone use. Read some of the disturbing facts about it. 60% of college students are addicted to smartphones. 71% of people sleep next to their smartphones.

Smartphone addiction has brought a disease called “Nomophobia”. People having this phobia can’t imagine their lives without cell phones.

Healthcare experts have recommended various preventive and safety measures to curb this addiction. Some of them include limiting usage time, wearing Safety Glasses, and taking short breaks. But due to lack of following the preventive measures, the young generation is getting the addiction rapidly.

Common Health Dangers

Here are some of the dangers to our health by using cell phones excessively.

Digital Eye Strain

It is the most common effect of smartphone use. People get eye strain, headache, neck, and shoulder pain due to excessive screen time. Screen time includes all of the digital devices such as TV, smartphone, laptop, tablet, computer, or any gaming gadget. People especially below age 18 are soft targets of this disease.

Sleeping Distractions

The common effect of the addiction is distractions in sleep. People with excessive cell phone use cannot sleep well. Because they are addicted to using cell phone continuously, so even after going to bed, they keep using cell phones. This habit reduces sleep time.

The worst case is that once they are asleep, they get up in between to check their cell phones. Lack of sleep makes them frustrated.


Decreasing Memory

Over-use of cell phones affects memory. Surveys have observed that people rely on cell phone applications for daily life tasks. They use messaging, calculator, contacts list, and other such apps which make their memory dull. So dull memory is a gift we obtain from cell phone addiction. You can check that everybody performs a simple math calculation on the calculator.


Information Overloading

At this time of the internet, we have so much information from the cell phone that we cannot handle all of them. As a result, our brain is overloaded with information that is not processed to bring an output.


Laziness and Less Physical Activity

Young people spend most of their time on cell phones sitting at a place. They remain in the same position for hours. As a result, they become lazy. Laziness is a common situation among youngsters. They spend very little time on physical activity.

Studies conducted on school and college students have shown that they are playing outdoor sports less than their parents. Due to less physical activity, they are getting weight gain, digestion problems, and ultimately weaker immune.


Depression and Anxiety

Smartphones have brought depression and anxiety in young people. As they are connected to everyone through this gadget, so they get frustrated if their phones get damaged. They can’t bear to spend the day without a cell phone. So smartphones harm our mental health.


Tips to Prevent Smartphone Addiction

However, mental and body health experts have recommended some preventive and safety measures to curb cell phone addiction.

Use safety eyewear for screen

Wear eyewear protection whenever you watch a screen if you want to avoid eye strain. The best protection method is using eyeglasses. You can get a pair of reliable eyeglasses online from websites like 3M, Oakley, Pyrex, Nike, and WileyX Glasses. But if you don’t find them suitable, you can buy from your local retailer.

Take Short Breaks (20-20-20 Rule)

We don’t recommend giving up your cell phones. Instead, take a small break after every 2 hours. Drink water, juice, and eat food. Freshen up yourself and you will feel in a good mood. Now, you can use a cell phone better.

During the use, it’s healthy to look 20 feet away from the cell phone for 20 seconds every 20 minutes. It is called the 20-20-20 rule suggested by the American Optometric Association.


Flight Mode Before Sleeping

Smartphones have given us the option to turn off the phone services. There is a flight option which is good for your health. Before going to bed, put your cell phone on flight mode. Have a good sleep and turn off the flight mode when you get up after taking enough sleep.


Family Time

Your real family is sitting around you. They are real people, not your virtual online friends. So spend your free time with your family. Show them that you care for them. As a result, you will get the same love and care. Through this way, you will enjoy a happier and healthy life full of love and care.


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