Digital Eye Strain: Causes, Prevention, and Treatment Tips

Digital life has comforted us so much that we even can’t count the benefits. But it has shown some dark aspects to us. The human body is always exposed to external threats and hazards. Likewise in the digital age, our body is fighting with harms related to the use of digital gadgets. Digital eye strain is one of the diseases. It is the outcome of looking at digital screens like TV, tablet, smartphone, laptops, and any other digital screen. It is the most common disease these days. Whether there are children, adults, or older, all of them can be its target.

According to a report by the American Optometric Association, every American spends 7 hours on digital devices every day. This means there are enough chances of everyone getting the disease. However, we can avoid the issue by taking some preventive measures.

Common Symptoms

Typical effects of the disease are the following:

  • Eyestrain
  • Blurred vision
  • Headache
  • Dry Eyes
  • Shoulder and neck pain
  • The decline of overall health

However, besides these symtomps, affected persons may get any other strain depending upon their present medical fitness level.


As we can guess the causes by the name of the disease, the digital screen is the common cause of the issue. However, some other causes are the following.

  • Staring at Screen for a long time without any break
  • Improper light (too much or low light for reading)
  • Glare at a digital screen
  • Imbalance seating
  • Improper distance from the screen
  • Incorrect eyeglasses
  • Poor personal safety devices such as Cheap safety glasses

How To Prevent it?

Like any curable disease, it is also preventable. By adopting a healthy routine, we can stay away from this disease.

Here are some of the common preventive tips that we can follow easily.


Practice 20-20-20 Rule

Taking a short break is good for the eyes and the body overall. It allows us to regain our physical and mental energies synchronized. To implement such practice at offices, homes, and outdoors, the American Optometric Association has introduced 20-20-20 rule.

This rule states that we should take a break of 20 seconds after every 20 minutes to look at anything 20 feet away.

This practice has been proved successful and people experienced fewer issues related to screen. It has also improved their performance at work. So don’t stare at the screen all time. Look at something beautiful in the room or outside every 20 minutes.

Schedule your screen time

As screen time is the major reason for the disease, we have to reconsider our screen time. Rather than staring at the screen continuously, it’s better to revise your schedule. If your office work requires watching digital screens, plan it accordingly. If you are at home, plan your entertainment screen time wisely.

Fix your posture

Looking at the computer screens while lying on the bed is not healthy. It affects the body and makes us lazy. Rather, sit on a flat chair and place the computer or other device in front of your eyes at a safe distance. Now, us ethe screen with short intervals.

No-Glare screen

Don’t use too bright or too low light of the screen. If the screen has any specific glare, don’t use the screen. Rather, you should use an anti-glare screen. It saves our eyes from the harmful rays emitting from the screen.



Keep Blinking

You may not like to blink while talking to another person. But blinking is a good practice for health while staring at the screen. Make a habit to blink after every few minutes. Blinking often protects us from dry eyes issue.

Wear Safety Eyewear

AOA suggests wearing safety eyewear reduces the risk of eyestrain. The best tool for this purpose is safety glasses. People of all ages especially children and older require these glasses while watching videos and playing games on digital devices. There are various eyewear safety providers available online such as 3M, Oakley, Virtua, Pyrex, and ArtCraft Safety Glasses. But you can choose any other brand or model that you find suitable for yourself.

Eye Care

Eyecare is a thing that we should do regularly. Keep the eyes clean and free from dust, smoke, or any gas. If any such substance enters into eyes, wash the eyes immediately. You can also use eyewash like rose water or any recommended eyewash. Keep your food and nutrition well so your eyes keep getting the necessary vitamins and minerals. In case of any strain or physical injury, refer to an ophthalmologist nearby.


Eyestrain is diagnosed through various eye focus and vision measurement methods. Patient history is also considered at this stage. In case you are diagnosed with digital eye strain, it’s better to follow the procedure advised by your ophthalmologist. You may need to wear vision eyeglasses or safety glasses or any other protection device.

So whatever digital device you use, follow these preventive tips, and enjoy a colorful life.

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