8 Ethnic fusion options to spruce-up salwar fashion

The ever-pertinent trio of salwar, kurta, and dupatta, has been ruling the traditional Indian wear scenes since ever. Salwar kameez outfits have been styling women for almost every occasion putting up with different clothing affairs and lifestyle formats of dressing across cultures. These set the styling mandate for our ethnic fashion lineup and have an intrinsic role to play in our clothing roster.

Actively being there for decades overlapping different fashion timelines, salwar fashion is one of the most adopted and applied women’s fashions that are still so alive and active.

For a clothing practice so old, it is quite natural to get outmoded with the new ideas and factors of dressing. So, how do you make sure you don’t repeat the regular fashion and carry the same old style with your act of salwar kameez fashion.

To get this easy, here are some new combinations that you can try around these to get your ethnic style do wonder with fusion clothing. Just try these outfit ideas to have a great time wearing the traditional salwar kameez ensemble in these much validating fashion concepts that happen to be the contemporary favorites.

  1. Pair it up with denim

Denims are the staples of our wardrobe. We have at least a pair of jeans anytime in our closet to flaunt the casual and cool look with just anything over the top. So, this gets you the chance to combine your kurta with your denims to make it pretty toned-down and easygoing with your choice of traditional dressing. Something that goes perfectly with a semi-formal gathering that is more amongst close family and friends.

  1. Stylish culottes

Let the cool summer fashion come your way with the stylish culottes that go well with the modern Kurti ensemble. Easy and breezy in style culottes are the going-ahead fashion that has a different appeal than anything in the commons or mainstreams. These get you an order of revival over the cliched tight and straight bottoms that is an overdone fashion in the segment. These are much different than the heavy Patiala salwars and get you easy and light fashion for hot summer days.

  1. The caped kurta

There’s something about the caped kurta that makes it so much of a modern attire that is traditionally much relevant. The layered outfit of ethnically rich artworks topping the contemporary base brings you a much different experience with salwar kurta fashion. Caped kurtas keep you decked up and adorned with interesting couture art to offer an expressive dressing style that gets you a dapper and dressed-up look for an occasion. Here, you may get many options with Kurtis online shopping as the caped kurtas are much in the current commercial trend.

  1. Wear it with a skirt

A great way to act playful and smart with the traditional kurta for women. Pick solid monochromes or something with vibrant prints for the wskirt and wear it along with something slightly embroidered or sequined over the top. You can go with anything flared or pleated in a length that goes with the style and profile of the dress. Go with a sleek silhouette and finely detailed work that keeps this otherwise ‘peculiar’ fusion ethnically organized and aligned.

  1. Look out for dhoti

Here, when you are trying fusions with an all-pervasive Indian outfit, it makes sense to try out the very indigenous dhoti to spruce up your ethnic Kurti fashion. This is going to set your style on to a different pedestal of alliance with traditional affairs as you drape the zari or gota artwork dhotis with a short Kurti. This will make for a great idea for a wedding planned on a fancy traditional theme or you have some ceremony to attend that invites folkloric mode of fashion.

  1. Coat style kurta

Like most of them, if you are done with the traditionally fashioned long Kurtis, it’s time for you to move on to designer long Kurtis in the coat style vesture. Browsing through designer Kurtis online you can find an impressive variety of coat style kurtas in different forms, crafts, and styles. The in-trending options include Jodhpuri bandhgala, Angrakhas, slit openings, kaftan style coats, quilted overcoats, that are styled to deliver a suited ensemble for women who want to carry it in a regal style.

  1. Shirt-style Kurtis

Of most of the chic fashion statements that you would catch around in the Kurti fashion today, shirt-style kurta outfits are making it to the top of trends. This style surely makes you do the best to deliver the finest of Kurti fashion that is doing rounds in the fashion circuit these days. Combine it with palazzos pants, Afghani bottoms, or the Patiala salawars, picking any fabric or finish, and you are going to make it fashionably attractive!

  1. Fused organic undertones

Organic is actively growing to take up the new fashion scenes. The sustainably created organic Kurti cotton dresses have an eco-friendly, comfy, and easy-on-life appeal that suits everyone looking out for conscious fashion. Look out for the minimal projections and undertone standards finding from organic cotton Kurtis online. You can try from various

patterns and style variations trying options in cotton long Kurti, cotton Anarkali Kurtis, A-line styles, overlays, trail cuts, gown style, or asymmetric Kurti dresses. And you will have the real-good organic fashion keeping you ahead of the new ethnic fashion curve.

Go ahead with your fashion

These are the finest of fusion Kurti ensembles that can get you rid of the overdone Kurti fashion and get you some fresh styles to blend in with great ethnic choices of clothing. You can make this even more impressive and empowering going with the piece of couture and fashion that best suits your persona, poise, and style.

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