5 tricks to buying Broadway tickets in New York

Today in Traveler Learning we bring 5 tricks to buy Broadway tickets in New York. You can go to New York and not take the ferry to Staten Island, you may not get to Brooklyn or you may miss a baseball game. But what you have to do, yes or yes, in New York is to visit Broadway, the paradise of shows.

We have been several times, and seeing works that have amazed us. They literally leave you speechless, with the timing, the musicality, the performances! And to break myths … it is not always expensive!

In fact, we were watching the Matilda musical for $ 32. We were in the eighth row and we really enjoyed ourselves. That is why in this article we want to try to help you with these issues, and that is why we will talk about 7 tricks to buy Broadway tickets in New York. Ready?

  1. Reserve your tickets in advance

Without a doubt, this section is the first, and probably the most important trick to buying tickets for Broadway. The advance. Because I always think the same … you don’t visit the United States every year, so you have to think about your priorities.

And of course, seeing a Broadway show live is a tremendous priority on a trip to New York, so please look for tickets in advance. In this way, you will have your reserved seat and you will not go “adrift” looking for the crumbs of the works that have been sold.

Here we leave you a direct link to buy Broadway tickets so you can keep an eye on the whole offer (which is a lot, and very good).

  1. Get up early and look for the Rush Tickets

If you don’t want to buy Broadway tickets well in advance because you want to decide more on the spot, then we recommend you keep an eye on the Rush Tickets.

Of course, this does NOT guarantee that you will get tickets, so if you fail, you will have to go back to trick number 1.

Rush tickets are a number (very small, usually not more than 10 units) of tickets that the theater itself takes out the same day of the play. But this means queuing the same day of the show at the box office door.

They usually open at 10 am and as a precaution, I recommend arriving almost an hour early, to queue.

I did it once and we were the last to get the tickets, so if you really want to see a particular show, get up early (and ask if that theater offers rush tickets).

  1. Go early, and wait on the red stairs of TKTS

The mythical and famous red stairs of TKTS, there, in the middle of Times Square. A mythical place among those who want to find cheap, last-minute tickets. Sometimes because they want to fill up at the last minute, or sometimes because there are plenty of tickets.

Here you can find many discounts when buying Broadway tickets, but you will have to queue. The good thing about this section is that it is perfectly related to the trick that we left below …

  1. Use technology to your advantage

And it is that TKTS has a mobile app! So you won’t have to wait in line to buy your Broadway tickets. Of course, this functionality is not available for all the plays, since each theater does more what it wants, so you will have to investigate.

But it is always a good option to download the TKTS app and take a look at the offers they have. There are usually quite a few good options, so it can compensate you.

Of course, do not think that everything is soo beautiful since many times you will find that there are no tickets, or that the discounts are not very great. Everything is testing and investigating.

But if you feel lucky, you can always try the lottery system …

  1. Have you ever won the lottery?

Que? But what will it have to do, you will tell me. Well, the truth is that a lot, since every day (just like rush tickets) several theaters hold ticket lotteries.

That is to say, a quantity x of entries (variable) is saved to draw among the people who sign up. Like a raffle. You will have to leave your email, and if they touch you, they will notify you. At that time, if you are one of the lucky ones, you will have very little time to make the payment, so you have to be vigilant.

I tried several times and I was not very lucky … but well, I recommend that you ask each theater since each one has its performance policies. And if you were lucky, congratulations! Tell us how and how about, because you will give us a lot of envy hahahaha.

Our experience in Broadway musicals

For  Broadway, we decided to go see the Matilda musical. It is perhaps one of the most spectacular things I have ever seen. Even right now my hair stands on end remembering it.

Lots of kids singing in perfect sync, with beautiful voice play and flawless choreography.

We got the tickets through the famous rush tickets, as we discussed earlier, which means queuing the same day of the performance at the door of the theater box office. They opened at 10 am and as a precaution, we decided to arrive almost an hour early, to queue.

They say they are partial-view but they exaggerate too much, they are lateral in the sixth or seventh row, right next to people who have paid ( full price ) their $ 120 at least. And we are three seats apart. But come on, when you start the event you see some free armchair and you can change your seat, no problem.

This ends the article on the 5 tricks to buying Broadway tickets in New York. Do you know any more? If so, leave us a comment in the section that we enable below and we will read to you. Tell us which musical you want to see!

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