Why You Must Adopt WordPress For Web Development In 2020

Anyone from the web development field wants a perfect tool for his or her needs. In today’s era, the internet is loaded with thousands of web development tools. However, not every tool available here is up to the standards. Some of them lack compatibility with all the platforms, while others lack the latest development trend. Although no web development tool is perfect, you can still rely on a web development tool called WordPress. WordPress was created in 2003 from the WordPress foundation. The popularity of WordPress can be realized from the fact that over 40 percent of the total number of websites running worldwide are developed in WordPress. In this article, I will tell you why you should seek WordPress for web development in 2020.

8 Reasons To Seek WordPress For Web Development In 2020

1.  WordPress Is Free

WordPress is a perfect and free tool for anyone who wants to create any type of website, particularly CMS. After downloading it from, even a newbie can get started with web development from scratch. Other tools might cost you a few dollars, and they are not good enough. WordPress is a free tool that satisfies all the latest web development standards.

2. WordPress Has Huge Community

An ever-growing community of web developers and brilliant minds support WordPress. You can ask any questions while developing a website in WordPress. They are always ready to help you. You must adopt WordPress because it gives you an edge over other web development tools.

3. WordPress Has Great Plugins

Let’s face it, all websites having plugins installed in them are in most demand. WordPress comes with a massive library, consisting of thousands of plugins. Plugins offer some additional functionalities to your webpages. You can find free as well as paid plugins with WordPress.

4. WordPress Has Alluring Themes

Today, every website demands a different theme. You cannot use an ecommerce theme for an educational website. WordPress has a collection of thousands of themes available for free. These themes can adjust as per the web project without any error. In case you want themes with better graphics, you have to spend some dollars.

5. WordPress Can Be Used By Anyone

You don’t have to be a computer geek to work with WordPress. Even an individual with a little or no IT background can get started with website design and development. You can easily customize and manage your website from time to time while using WordPress. There is no need for any expert professional for performing these tasks for you.

6. WordPress Boosts Your SEO

SEO is crucial if you want to get higher ranks on Google. Everyone having online business dreams to reach the top of Google for the best visibility on the internet. When you create a website with WordPress, you get all the SEO benefits with it. WordPress has SEO plugins that help you optimize your content and web pages.

7. WordPress Is Secure

Security holds a significant concern in the world of information technology. Speaking of WordPress, it offers a secure environment for your website development. With WordPress, there is a very little chance of your website getting hacked by anyone. Several algorithms exist that provide all possible security features with WordPress.

8.  WordPress Support Several Media Types

A complete website is one which is composed of all media types. You can include videos, images, audio files, graphics, and animations on your website by using WordPress. Also, you can add links to your media files if you want them in a separate folder. Thus, you can expect a diversity of features with WordPress.

Why WordPress Will Grow?

Like I said before, WordPress is a web development platform backed with thousands of brilliant minds and an ever-growing community. Any such open-source tool always emerges as a virtually limitless platform in the future.  WordPress gets new updates and themes every month.  The team behind it analyzes all the latest web development trends and makes WordPress compatible with those trends. Due to this, WordPress will be able to connect with all upcoming technologies like machine learning, blockchain, AI, IoT, and many others. In short, WordPress can help you create an ideal website that meets all future expectations.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, every professional should seek WordPress for web development in 2020.  WordPress offers you plenty of advantages over all other web development tools. If you are confused about your web project, you can approach a web design company. I bet most of the companies out there would be employing WordPress as their primary development tool. WordPress is simple to use and easy to manage. You can also find thousands of video tutorials available for WordPress. There are a multitude of startups and well-established companies that use WordPress. They know what it is capable of. You must definitely go for WordPress if you want to make the most out of your website in the future.














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