The Future of Android App Development services

There are about 500 billion people who use mobile phones. It is predicted that in the year 2020, about 75% of the entire word’s population will be using mobile phones. Since Android is the most popular mobile phone having users around the world with 70% of the mobile market share it already has millions of users looking forward to exciting, user-friendly and modern Android mobile apps that will help them solve their problems. This demand has created a great opportunity for companies to provide Android app development services. 


To say that future of Android app development services is bright would be an understatement. Everybody wants a piece of that ginormous market share Android holds worldwide and is not afraid to launch new ideas for the Android market. Following are some of the reasons why people in the future are still going to keep an eye for Android app development services:


Platform Security: 

One of the prime reasons why Android app development services are going to be in demand for the foreseeable future is because it is a secure platform. This platform provides an unwavering secure environment for creating apps for numerous verticals.

Competitive Pricing: 

A significant reason why Android has been a global market ruler is because of its competitive pricing with no compromise on quality. There are millions of people who think twice before spending and are wary of investing huge amounts in technology for their businesses and companies to run. Android app development is going to continue to hold the fort with its pricing strategy which is another reason why people are not going to stop coming for getting Android app development services.

Wearable Devices: 

The modern era of today has been majorly taken over by wearable technology. Wearable devices are in huge demand and Android has been a big contributor in promoting this new technology. According to research, the market for just wearable devices is expected to increase by 45%. From utility to entertainment, everything is now being connected to wearable devices and the Android market is not going to be left behind. Businesses who haven’t yet will soon venture into wearable devices even more leaving more scope of work in Android development.

Dynamic Graphics Support: 

Android has been a flag bearer of extraordinary graphics and design. Specifically in the gaming industry, Android has been a preferred choice owing to the diversity and dynamic nature of the graphic design it supports. The attractive variations and trending designs are the reason Android is leading this department as well. It completely supports 2D and 3D design creation and is definitely one of the most promising platforms.

Enterprise Friendly: 

Android app development has been consciously active in facilitating enterprises with dynamic solutions. In its recent versions, it has introduced many new features ready to increase workplace productivity and efficiency. On top of it all, being backed by Google it gets added credibility and trust of users. Its gonna be a long time before enterprises all over the world consider any other platform.

Competitive Advantage:

Android apps are robust, secure, flexible, and unique which give businesses a competitive advantage in their respective fields. An exceptionally robust operating system awaits many more ideas to be translated into enthralling Android applications. It is not only great in its performance but also ensures confidential information remains restricted and at no point is a user’s data is lost or fallen in the wrong hands.

Low Investment and high ROI: 

Users are never going to let an option get extinct which not only is a more cost-effective alternative but also responsible for generating a higher return on investment (ROI). It has a low barrier to entry which gives more people a chance to penetrate the market. Moreover, the software development tool kits (SDK) for Android are mostly free for the usage which additionally bring the cost of development more down. With more market share, businesses are able to generate more engagement and higher ROIs in relatively less investment.

Multiple Sales Channels: 

Android apps are not confined to Google’s Play Store only. People have the right to use multiple sales channels in order to promote their apps and get more users engaged. This is also another reason why Android app development services will always be a need and more and more people would be interested in creating Android apps.

Rise of Multi-platform development: 

This is the factor that can calm down any qualms for the competition wiping us out. Owing to the popular approach of multi-platform or cross-platform development has allowed concerned parties to enjoy the best of all. With a single code, apps for multiple platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows, etc can be created which completely silences any concern that in the future Android app development services may not be needed! There are always going to be people who want to utilize the market share Android holds globally either by a single native Android app or with cross-platform app development.

Rise of Instant Apps: 

Another nail in the coffin is the rise of Android Instant Apps, a new technology that will further keep the masses hooked to this development. Instant Apps eliminate the need of downloading an app that sometimes users can find time-consuming. Users can now try out apps with the help of Google Play Instant giving them a flavor of what’s in store. It not only engages people there and then but helps them in saving space on their devices, which is also a common concern of some Android users. The advancements are on the rise and with the latest addition in the publishing format, Android App Bundle is to further spread the joy of instant apps.

Emerging technologies and Android:

Android app development is hand in hand with emerging technologies like IoT and Artificial Intelligence. Google has been focusing on using AI and Machine Learning and incorporating it in Android apps as well. Nothing screams future more than being involved in technologies that are surely going to determine the future.

So if you’re concerned about the future of Android app development service then rest assured, Android app development is here to stay and till it does there will always be the demand for getting Android app development services.


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