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SEO Audit Report

What is SEO  Audit Report?


Making The Audit of consumer web site In Terms of Seo/ Smm/ Google Ads

How To create Audit Report & we tend to do Some changes On Audit Report?

Name Of consumer web site: –

My mobile no- 00000

Company Name:-

Company Email id

Google Page Rank: zero


Why is Google page rank important?

Page Rank (PR) could also be a top quality metric fictional by Google. The values zero to ten verify a page’s importance, reliableness and authority on the web in line with Google. Once you get a high PR, individuals can need to link to you a lot of typically. Earning a lot of quality on the web can increase your program ranking so as that you simply seem at the very best of the SERPs for your target keywords. during this approach PR will indirectly have an effect on search ranking.

Link Backs recognized by major Search Engines

Link quality is that the live of your website s quality determined by the amount and quality of links returning to your web site from different websites. Building link quality helps improve the Page Rank of your web site

Search Engine Saturation: variety of pages indexed across Major computer programmers

Search Engine Saturation refers to the amount of your web site pages that computer programmers have indexed. This helps you to work out however deep your web site has been indexed by Search Engines. Logically, every page of your web site offers competition to different websites in ranking. Therefore, if you’ve got a lot of pages of your website indexed in search engines, you stand {a better far better much better higher stronger a lot of robust an improved} probability of getting one among those pages show up in search engines with one or more search terms.

Canonicalization Code: Found

Why is that this important? Pages that do not use canonical URLs square measure liable to duplicate content problems, which can negatively impact program rankings.

Title Tag: Wang Pla house & Fishing

The title tag is that the primary place the program spiders can look once they are available to crawl your website. it’ll tell them what your computing device is regarding.

Meta tags: MISSING

A Meta description tag is meant to be a quick and compact outline of your pages content.

Robots.txt: Found

Robots.txt file tell search engines that pages they’re allowed to index.

XML Sitemap: Found, ought to be Update

An xml sitemap is actually a road map that tells search engines wherever to search out your site’s content.

Social Presence: we tend to aren’t ready to find social media pages

Facebook Likes

Facebook Shares

Facebook Comments

Google +

Twitter Backlinks

Google Analytics: Found

Google Analytics code is enforced to trace the guests.

Speed Test: three.27 Sec

Mobile Rendering: Yes

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