How Can I See What My Children Watch on YouTube?

Are you wondering if it is possible to secretly spy on the YouTube activities of your children? Are you doubtful that they watch inappropriate content? If you wonder how you can find the answers to these questions, then read out this guide.

Every parent is concerned about what their kids do on the internet. They are interested in knowing what sort of websites they explore, which social media apps they use, and what kind of videos they watch. In this technological world, it has become easier to track YouTube secretly and remotely.

It is a popular social media website that allows people to view, share, and upload videos. It can be used for learning purposes because there are millions of educational and technical tutorials available on YouTube.

If you are worried that your kid spends too much time on this leading platform and does not give time to his studies, then you should keep an eye on his YouTube history to ensure he’s not watching adult content. However, you can also take advantage of the YouTube screen recording app.

Why Is YouTube Screen Recording App Useful?

The screen recorder can record all the activities performed on YouTube through smartphones. It permits you to track YouTube of your targeted person’s device. You can also check watched videos, comments, personal channels, uploaded and downloaded videos, and much more.

When the targeted user will login into his YouTube, you will be able to record all his activities. It enables you to capture short videos of the screen and view them by visiting the dashboard. You can get to know about what kind of videos your kids watch, what type of videos they are uploading, and what kind of comments they are leaving on other videos on YouTube.

It will help you detect anything inappropriate and take action at the right time to avoid potential dangers. Parents should stay alert that their teens may watch unsuitable content that’s not good for their wellbeing. For instance, they can view adult content with their peers just for fun. It’s not good for them to view such kind of content because it may have damaging effects on their personality.

To spy on the YouTube activity of your children, you can install the screen recording software on their smartphones without letting them know. OgyMogy screen recorder software came as a breakthrough in the spyware industry. It is super-easy to use and affordable as well.

Is YouTube Screen Recorder Tool Reliable?

These days, kids and teens are obsessed with this platform because they can enjoy their favorite shows and cartoons. They also have easy access to porn and nude movies. So, parents can rely on the screen recorder tool because it’s great at recording YouTube activities of your targeted person’s phone. With its help, you can check if they are listening to music, watching educational content, or adult movies.

Is There Any Other Way to Monitor My Child’s YouTube Activities?

Public Area

The most effective way to track what your kid is viewing on YouTube is to keep a check on him. Make a rule that everyone will use YouTube in the public areas of the house. This method can support you catch them instantly if they see something unsuitable. Sit with your child and tell them what kind of content he should watch.

Check Device

You should check the devices of your kids regularly to see their search and watch history. By clicking on the search bar, you will get to know about the searches that happened on this website. To see the watch history, go to the library icon and then history. If both search and history are empty, it means he has deleted them manually. It is a clear indication that he has watched something inappropriate so, you should confront him.

Login App

If your kid uses your google account to use YouTube or his account is always signed in, you can effortlessly spy on his history. Just confirm that you are utilizing the same account that your kid use on his smartphone. After logging into the website, you will be able to monitor his activities.


All the parents should use the YouTube screen recording app to ensure their kids are not addicted to watching adult or harmful content.


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