Bored During Quarantine Right Now? These 3 Games you can play


In this isolation period, we’re in search of discovering the beauty and power of boredom. Quarantine has meant different things for people. These days people are just embracing every opportunity to get well and not bored at all. But what about those who are always lazy to do something productive and they’re just sitting in their chair playing games. Well, I’m one of them but don’t you think we’re running out of games and are in search of some good ones. Don’t you worry because today I’ve got ” top 3 action-adventure playing games” and they are my most favorite games of all time which is why I’m recommending you to play in this quarantine when you’re bored of course? If you’ve had an experience of playing GTA vice city, PUBG, and are looking for such related games then lucky for you because you’re at the right place. Now let’s move on to each one of them.

1- Grand Theft Auto V
GTA 5 is an action-adventure based game that takes place in the state of San Andreas but in the city of Los Santos. You play as three main protagonists. One of the characters you play as is Michael Townley who fakes his own death to get out of the life of crime under the witness protection of the FIB under a new name, Michael De Santa. He’s living in las Santos with his two children and his wife. The second protagonist is Franklin Clinton, he results in a life of crime for robbing liquor stores, etc and he also lives in Las Santos with his auntie. The third member is Trevor Phillips, his mind is disturbed which is why he kills people for just fun that provides him peace. Trevor and Michael used to be friends but as Michael faked his own death and it all went worst. This game is amazing, which is an understatement but the open world is gigantic with several different landmarks.
The gameplay feels smoother than it ever has before, with even faster cars, even bigger guns, and even more people to shoot at. The storyline might not be the most interesting, but actually being able to plan a heist and pick who you want to hack and drive and provide firearms is mental. Making stupid decisions for a heist can also affect how it goes down, you may lose money, someone might die and most importantly you should be emotionally strong to accept either your loss or victory. It’s APK available for android mobile for free, download here.

2- Red dead redemption
Now, this is probably the most favorite action based game of the majority of the gamers. Rockstar Games has never left any chance to make their games so outstanding and interesting for sure. People also love its soundtrack and they say it’s a masterpiece. This game has one of the best stories ever made, and not just for video games. Arthur Morgan is a brilliant multi-layered protagonist who is a perfect vessel for the player. The gameplay is extremely impressive and it is truly to die for and it leaves you with the feeling that there’s always something to do. The world is gorgeous and grand, but also dense and filled with secrets and people that make you just want to ride your horse around aimlessly, trying to discover everything the game has to offer. The graphics and physics are top-notch and the small details really show how the 8-year development of this game was worth it. It is extremely cinematic and holds great scenes of action. The game no doubt is a masterpiece for sure and you can’t deny it once you’ll play it.

3- Max Payne
Max Payne is a 3rd-person shooter video entertainment game series which is characterized by its hero, Max Payne he is a New York City police investigator who became a vigilante after his kid and spouse got assassinated by drug dealers. He additionally found out that his partner Alex also got killed by them. Max abdicates from the NYPD. Nine years later, after becoming addicted to alcohol and painkillers, Payne moves to Sao Paulo to work private security with his friend, Raul Passos. Max started working for Rodrigo Branco and his brothers and wife. During that time, Rodrigo got murdered, and his wife got kidnapped. Max sets out to rescue her but fails. With the help of a young detective, son, Wilson Da Silva. Max reveals that all the events that happened during his time in Brazil were set by Victor Branco and his right-hand man, Armando Becker, as well with the help of the Crachá Preto gang leader Alvaro Neves. With the help of his new allies, Max can defeat Victor’s group.

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